CHASING CASEY S2 E8 | Casey takes on the biggest short course race of the year, Crandon! This time he’s not in his Pro Lite though, he’s in his 850+ HP 4X4 Trophy Jeep.

VLOG 4 | Casey and crew head out to the Pacific NorthWest of Oregon to take on the Winchester Bay Dunes at DuneFest. Chaos ensues as Cody Currie launches a dune face, the crew takes on dune sledding, drag racing up Banshee Hill and Casey leads a massive night run.

VLOG 3 | Casey and family take off to Cisco Grove to experience AxialFest, one of the biggest RC Events. There’s everything from Rock Racing to RC 5K’s to RC Car Shows to Themed Trails and Kid Races. This event is a perfect family event.

CHASING CASEY S2 E7 | Nitto rolls out all the stops with their 6th year of Auto Enthusiast Day. Everything from drift cars to jeeps to lifted trucks and muscle cars were out and on display for everyone to check out.

Then the nitto boys Casey, Vaughn Gitten Jr., Loren Healy, Will Powers, and Chelsea DeNofa took to the course to burn some rubber!


TAKING ON SONORA E5| Casey heads down to Sonora, Mexico to take on a new challenge of rally racing. There’s a steep learning curve to road books and no prerunning. In this episode Casey takes on the final stage of the Sonora Rally.

TAKING ON SONORA E4| Casey heads down to Sonora, Mexico to take on a new challenge of rally racing. There’s a steep learning curve to road books and no prerunning. In this episode Casey does his first multiple special day as he takes on the longest day of the rally.

VLOG 2 | We headed out to Charlotte Motor Speedway for NASCAR’s All Star race for burnouts, whips and music. We had a plethora of talent with Axell Hodges, Twitch, Taka, Unknown Ind. and Dianna Dahlgren.
The whole crew took to the speedway in full hectic force burning rubber on anything they could, culminating in an epic performance by Machine Gun Kelly. Have a look

TAKING ON SONORA E3| Casey heads down to Sonora, Mexico to take on a new challenge of rally racing. There’s a steep learning curve to road books and no prerunning. In this episode Casey finally takes on the massive Sand Dunes of the Sonoran Desert.

TAKING ON SONORA E2| Casey heads down to Sonora, Mexico to take on a new challenge of rally racing. There’s a steep learning curve to road books and no prerunning. In this episode Casey does his first point to point rally stage and runs into a little issue with his tracker.

CHASINGCASEY S2 E6 | After winning the 50th Annual Baja 1000 Casey had his eyes set on taking the 50th Annual Baja 500. A long day of racing through the harsh Baja Desert, Casey would cross the line and take the win.

center>TAKING ON SONORA E1 | Casey heads down to Sonora, Mexico to take on a new challenge of rally racing. There’s a steep learning curve to road books and no prerunning. Take a look at his first rally briefing and prologue.

MFEQUIPPED | Magnaflow stopped to have a chat while at Jeep Beach about the event and exhausts.

CHASINGCASEY S2 E5 | In preparation for Dakar 2019, Casey teamed up with South Racing CanAm to take on the Afriquia Merzouga Rally in Morocco. Take a look at how things went for Casey and the team.

CHASINGCASEY S2 E4 | Casey and Cody Currie take on the UTV World Championships in their CanAm Maverick X3’s.

Vlog 1 | Take a look at a day in the life on Prichett Canyon with Casey Currie.

CHASINGCASEY S2 E3 | Casey Currie and the Trophy Jeep are back in Vegas for The Mint 400 taking on the rough desert landscape hoping to cash in big.

GOPRO UNCUT | Ride along with Casey Currie as he takes on The Mint 400 in the Trophy Jeep.

CHASINGCASEY S2 E2 | With the UTV race going well and Casey taking 4th, a lot of excitement was put onto the Ultra 4 race. Some mechanical issues would put a dampening to the excitement. On to the next race at The Mint 400.

CHASINGCASEY S2 E1 | Casey Currie and brother Cody take on King of Hammers in the Utv class. Equipped with the fully tricked out Stock CanAm Maverick X3 RC Edition, they took to the rocks to show off what these cars are capable of doing.

HALF DAY FULL PAY | This weeks challenge is a test of finesse as the team takes on the shops rock garden with the Axial SCX 10 II CRC Edition RC Jeep. Who will come out on top?

ChasingCasey023 | Whats better, Jeeping up the trail or Mountain Biking back down?

ChasingCasey022 | Take a look back at the carnage and roost from The Crandon World Cup.

ChasingCasey021 | Check out Casey’s running of the 50th Annual Baja 1000.

PRODUCT REVIEW | Casey goes over his HJC AR10 III Helmet and some of the improvements made and why he chooses it for all of his racing.

ChasingCasey020 | Crank up that volume and listen to Casey hammer down in his 800+ hp 4WD Magpul Trophy Jeep at this years Baja 1000 Qualifying.

ChasingCasey019 | Take an onboard look as Cody Currie and Tucker Conroy prerun their 500 mile section of Baja. The CanAm Maverick X3 crushed every sand whoop and silt bed that was thrown at it.

ChasingCasey018 | Monster Energy flew us out to England to show off our Hammers Jeep in the MotherLand. So take a look at a quick recap of our trip to Matterly Basin for the Motocross of Nations.

ChasingCasey017 | Casey heads to Vimioso, Portugal to take on the King of Portugal Ultra 4 race. After 2 days of racing, a broken winch and a couple roll overs Casey would come out on top and take the throne, as the King of Portugal.

ChasingCasey016 | Casey and Monster joined up with Veterans Charity Ride to take a group of veterans out on the trail up in Moab, Utah. The vets wasted no time going all out in their UTVs.

ChasingCasey015 | This year for Jeepers Jamboree Casey takes you through a step-by-step guide on how to Jeep the Rubicon Trail.

ChasingCasey014 | Check out all the action of the Baja 500 with Casey Currie and the Magpul Trophy Jeep.

ChasingCasey013 | Monster Energy invited Casey out to Raakestad, Norway to put his Pro Lite to the test against the best drifters in the world at the Gatebil drift festival.

ChasingCasey012 | Monster Energy invited us out to the most prestigious car festival in the world, The Goodwood Festival of Speed, we took full advantage and hit up every discipline they had to offer.

ChasingCasey011 | Go on board as we take on the Forest Rally course at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

ChasingCasey010 | Come along as Casey heads into the Baja desert as he prepares for the Baja 500.

ChasingCasey009 | Casey headed out to Marfa, Tx to meetup with the Magpul Core team to learn new shooting techniques and hone his skills.

ChasingCasey008 | Casey takes to Florida for Jeep Beach. Air boat tours, trampoline parks, slingshots and Nascar demos fill up one crazy week.

ChasingCasey007 | Taking on Moab and the scenic views that come with it.

ChasingCasey006 | The Smoke Show was in Fontana, CA this weekend and Casey and Friends put on a heck of a show for the Southern California fans.

ChasingCasey005 | Casey takes on The Mint 400 in his all new 4 wheel drive Trophy Jeep. Take a look at how things worked out.

Have you ever been telling a story and get so lost in your story you just start making sounds to describe whats going on? Well Casey sure has had this happen.

ChasingCasey004 | We head to Daytona Beach, Florida to experience The Daytona 500. From hanging out with Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski and his pals to giving Jamie Lynn Spears the ride of her life, check out all the action.

ChasingCasey003 | We take on the 11th Annual King of the Hammers as we face rock, dirt and everything the Johnson Valley desert can throw at us.

ChasingCasey002 | We partnered up with CanAm to try our hand at King of the Hammers with the CanAm Maverick X3. Take a look to see how things went for Casey and his brother Cody.

ChasingCasey001 | Monster Energy, Jeep, and X Games brought us out to Aspen to hang with all of the winter athletes and get our shred on as well.

Sometimes cars become part of the obstacles during King of the Hammers.

King of Hammers prep in full force leading up to race day.

Casey heads over seas to Italy to take on the Monza Rally Show with fellow Monster Energy athlete Steve “Baggsy” Biagioni and Valentino Rossi.

Go onboard as Casey takes his ProLite for a spin around the Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Do you even brap tho? Casey shows off his brap skills in Italy. Even Baggsy tries his hand at it.

Adventure along as we take on the Rubicon Trail and everything it throws at us during this years Jeepers Jamboree!

We head down to Baja California to take on the legendary Baja 1000.

Casey and Baggsy’s crews combine for the ultimate racing mannequin challenge!

Preview the Magpul Trophy Truck that will be taking on the 2016 49th Annual Baja 1000.

Taking on the rough traails of Baja in the Can Am Maverick X3.

Qualifying for the 2016 Baja 1000 went down out at Las Vegas Motorspeedway during SEMA. Check out Casey’s run.

We went down to Baja California, Mexico to PreRun the course for the Baja 1,000. Nothing but good times in the Magpul IFS JKRK.

A day out testing at Elsinore as fast laps were thrown down.

Take a GoPro lap around Crandon Raceway with Casey Currie as he fights rocks and roost going 90+ Mph through turn one!

Casey takes on Estero Beach in Rounds 7 and 8 of the 2016 Lucas Oil Off-Road Series.

BFGoodrich brought Casey out to the famed Banner Grade Mountain Road and Ocotillo Desert Road to try out a custom 707 HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat with the new BFGoodrich g-Force Comp-2 A/S tires.
See the a 15 second instagram clip HERE