Casey Currie Honors the 14 San Bernardino Victims Under the Lights at Glen Helen

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CORONA, California (July 25, 2016) – Casey was back racing in the hills of San Bernardino at the Glen Helen Motorsports Park for Rounds 9 and 10 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. Prior to the race weekend, Casey had gotten some testing time at Glen Helen and was able to dial in his Pro Lite Jeep. And though record-breaking heat was sweeping the area, this was going to be a special weekend for Casey as he had the special honor of being on of 14 drivers picked to wear the name of one of the 14 victims of the San Bernardino tragedy from back in December. His truck was ready, he was ready and the lights of Glen Helen set a special stage for a weekend that was bigger than the racing itself.

Friday’s practice showed Currie that the track had been changed quite a bit since he tested there. There was some final changes that needed to be done to prepare for the weekend’s races, but all in all Casey and his truck were still ready.

On Saturday, Casey got through qualifying cleanly, yet, this day’s focus was more about celebrating and honoring the San Bernardino shooting victims, first responders and survivors. As one of the series most influential drivers, Casey was chosen to wear the name of Nicholas Thalasinos, a victim of the December shooting. Lucas set up a meet and greet area in front of the podium, where the survivors, first responders and friends and family of the victims could meet the drivers honoring the fallen 14. It was a powerful moment as Casey and the other 13 drivers met and signed autographs for the San Bernardino community. Covered my news crews and with the San Bernardino Mayor present, Casey was a integral part of a very special day. That night’s race, with Nicholas Thalasinos’ name on his helmet, Casey was flying through the field passing truck after truck, only to have the unfortunate luck of being hit by one of the rookie drivers which took out his rear shock and ended his race early.

After his race ended, Casey commented, “What a disappointment. My truck was hooking up in all the right ways. I had made my way into the top five and knew I had the truck to get me to the front, but unfortunately I couldn’t control the rookie drivers. It is a shame to be taken out like that, and end up with a broken shock when my truck is running so well and I have this great honor of having Nicholas Thalasinos on my helmet. That is what tonight’s race was about – honoring the 14 fallen victims from December’s shooting. But we will install a new shock and get back out there tomorrow ready for battle.”

As the sun set, the lights came on over the track and it was time for Sunday’s races. Casey knew that he was going to need to be on top of his game if he was to make it out of the race with an intact truck. Between the track rutting up and the 20 Pro Lite trucks in the field, there was a lot to contend with. Casey still managed to get himself a top 10 finish with a truck that is in one piece and ready to race again.


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